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Empowering dancers with authentic music and instruction

is to foster continuous growth and artistry while inspiring all ages and levels of ability.

wellness arts through a fresh and engaging curriculum.

both teamwork and individual growth while we believe in teaching *more* than dance.

for free expression.

students in the arts whatever their goal -- be it teaching, performing, or simply keeping a weekly hobby.

Elevations is closing September 26th

The reality is: Covid is crippling. The venue Elevations.Studio is forced to close.

Ballroom & Blues will start up it’s live programs again when partner dancing is safe to resume. No anticipated date is projected. Online classes are available Thursdays for beginner and intermediate couples in Swing and Latin dances.  Private virtual lessons are available to solo dancers to work on their technique, drills, and balance skills to stay in shape for when social dancing *does* resume. E-mail for more information; the facebook page is currently inactive.

Dancing Feathers Therapies is suspended indefinitely. Close-contact services such as massage and chiropractic manual therapies cannot be offered. Virtual appointments are made seven days a week for Ayurvedic consultations and nutrition counseling. Hospital visits as well as select in-home visits are considered on a case-by-case basis. Insurance is not accepted. Apologies -- the facebook page is currently inactive.

Delaware Pole Fitness no longer needs to rent space from an existing business -- it's own studio is opening October 2020! E-mail Ruth at to stay updated for more info.