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Elevations is Delaware’s exclusive pole studio!

We specialize in hosting private parties and group fitness classes. Delaware Pole Fitness is committed to providing a safe, classy, and fun environment for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our diverse classes are known for being non-judgmental and comfortable to cater to the everyday, average woman - no experience or self-doubt necessary! It's a safe haven to get a great workout and enjoy "me-time".

We offer memberships and class packages which can be purchased for greater savings so that you can come as often or as seldomly as you like! Our current class schedule, details, policies, and pricing are all posted on the complete DelawarePoleFitness website for easy and convenient access.

The staff and instructors at DPF are fun, down-to-earth women who have a love of dance and fitness. Each instructor is appropriately educated and trained in her area of dance or fitness and is responsible for upholding DPF's superior safety standards.

For privacy, a second phone number is provided to call and ask any questions you may have about our programs or parties: 302-696-2101

The Poles:
  • Twelve total 

    • have your own pole

    • no more doubling classes

  • Taller, at 13 feet!

  • both static AND spinning options

  • Competition-grade brass, for the best grip

  • Mats available for those nervous or new

The Studio:
  • Windowless for Privacy

  • Plentiful Parking for all classes and events

  • More bathrooms 

  • Kitchen for Events

  • Seating (a first!) - which allows for larger chair dance classes

  • Taller Mirrors - so you pole monkeys can see yourselves while climbing

  • Separate room for supplemental classes


Let’s dispel common misconceptions about pole fitness:

Exotic Dancing is a form of Pole Dancing but not all Pole Dancing is Exotic Dance. 
Pole Fitness allows us to strip the negative connotation and make it an acceptable form of strength conditioning, even a sport.
PoleSport is the competitive side of Pole Fitness. There are efforts being made to incorporate PoleSport into the Olympics.

Classes, private lessons, parties... see all the information at DelawarePoleFitness.com!

Our facility is designed specifically for the ultimate pole dance experience.