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If you're interested in becoming a better dancer, you should find someone who excels at teaching. Here are some reasons why you should consider us for that job...

Street dance...

formally known as vernacular dance, refers to dance styles (regardless of country of origin) that evolved outside of dance studios in any available open space such as streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, and nightclubs. They are often improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers. These dances are a part of the vernacular culture of the geographical area that they come from. 

No partner is necessary for any class.

Instructor Approval Required for all levels above Advanced Beginner.

Having dancers of similar ability levels in the same class helps us make sure that everyone has a great time and gets the maximum out of each course.

Our emphasis is on having fun and playing with the music, rather than wild, gyrating acrobatics. However, dancing always involves some exertion. At higher levels, we expect you to be in good health and reasonably fit.  
We focus on social styles of dances that are not strictly 'ballroom' but rather fun although "non-traditional". These include but are not limited to the hustle, salsa, merengue, west coast swing, lindy and hip-hop.


        Why Dance

Our nine reasons to ballroom or partner dance.

Quick Guide to Level Descriptions:

BEG/Advanced BEG (lvl 1-2) – You are not necessarily confident on the dance floor. You want to improve your techniques and add more patterns to your WCS. The pace of instruction will be Slow/Medium.

Confident BEG/INT (lvl 3-4) – For confident dancers with ample experience in workshops and social dancing, comfortable with music and rhythm.

High INT/ADVANCED (lvl 5-6) – The pace of instruction will be fast and demanding (instructor approval required to attend these workshops/classes, maximum 12 couples)

OPEN LEVEL – For dancers of all skill levels. Workshops will be fun but challenging and will be aimed at all dancers who wish to improve and refresh their skills.

Select a dance for more information:

Links coming soon! Site under construction.

Afro-American vernacular dance

  • Blues

  • Charleston

  • Jitterbug (Single Swing)

  • Shag

  • Boogie Woogie

  • Lindy Hop

Afro-Caribbean vernacular dance

  • Salsa

  • Bolero (misnomer Rumba)

  • Merengue

  • Reggaeton

  • Zouk

  • Bachata

European-American Vernacular Dance

  • East Coast (Triple) Swing

  • West Coast (Sophisticated) Swing

  • Balboa

  • Hustle

South American vernacular dance

  • Lambada

  • Samba

  • Tango

NOTE: Open-Level workshops are supplemental to your learning and are not meant to replace private lessons and/or classes. They will not only include spinning, extension patterns but also more complex lead/follow techniques, styling and musical interpretation. The pace of instruction will be Medium/Fast.


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