Marc began dancing East Coast Swing in the fall of 2010 at University of Delaware at the request of a friend, playing video games in most of his free time. The dancing bug quickly dug deep and it didn't take long for Marc to begin traveling up to Philadelphia to LaB's many dances and gradually expanding his repetoire to include Lindyhop, Charleston, Balboa, Hiphop, Tango, Salsa, Fusion, and his love, the Blues.


Marc now contributes to the Philadelphia community as a LaBTech, the Ringleader of Powerhouse Blues, and a regular Teacher and DJ. He travels to events nearly every month of the year to connect with the national and international dancing community, to grow and learn to better himself and those around him, and to have fun and experience the world. This, and the commitment that he is for the dancing community, shows up in the way he dances, the way he teaches his classes, the way he competes, and the way he interacts with students.


Marc also runs events, offers private lessons, and travels around to provide benefit to various communities. If you're interested in contacting him about private lessons or other services, please visit his website:

Blues Group Classes

Resumes in the Fall

<< Great freestyle demo with Marc from Berlin Blues Explosion


470 Century Blvd

Wilmington, DE 19808

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