Not all Karate studios are Created Equal! What makes us different from all Karate programs Delaware is continually upgrading the martial skills of all of our Black Belt Instructors. We do this by improving and refining our system through martial science rather then rituals and traditions.

Our martial science system is based on extremely powerful Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate foundation that has changed the lives of hundreds of students of all ages. Students can condition their body physically and mentally arriving at a state of well being, self-confidence and control. Practiced world wide, Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate is a very ancient form of Mixed Martial Arts developed from a cross-cultural exchange between Okinawan, Chinese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese, and American influences that embody the essence of our system.


​Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate is a unique evolutionary framework that is highly adaptive due to its eclectic approach. It is an unwritten book waiting to happen for every practitioner. One who becomes totally immersed in their study will also find ways to contribute to their own version​​

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Fusion Freestyl!

Based on self defense, we provide hand-to-hand combat for men, women, and children (ages 4+) in professional private or group settings. Our mission is to encourage kids and adults alike to develop bully-proof confidence, courage, and commitment to defend themselves, their hopes, and their dreams. 

We pride ourselves on excellence and effective martial arts training, focused on streetwise personal safety, awareness, victim-proofing, and proper application of defensive techniques. Self-defense is an often overlooked skill in today’s society, but it is of utmost importance. Martial arts teaches students when and where to apply their knowledge and skills. ​


These teachings and principles are not learned from textbooks inside a classroom but are equally as important in our lives as academics. Martial arts then becomes an amazing opportunity to learn these values through the training and skill development. We equip members with the proper values they need to become good standing members of society.

If you are ready to unlock the amazing martial science within Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate feel free to contact us for more information Monday through Friday at 302.824.2769.

  • Low Fee Structure

  • No Long Contracts

  • No Belt Testing Fees

  • No Federation Fees

  • No Hidden Fees


  • 30 Day Free Trial

  • $75 - 1st  Student

  • $60 - 2nd Student

  • $40 - 3rd  Student

  • 15% off additional family members

  • 5% off when paid in full for 1 year

  • 10% discount for all military​


Call 302.824.2769 9am-8pm Monday thru Friday.


Styles: Kenpo Juijitsu, Judo, Jujitsu, Goju, Taekwondo, Shotokan, Singlestick, Kobudo, Veejitsu

With 38 Years' Martial Arts Experience, recognized for his tested techniques both in the street and ring as a martial artist of the highest caliber.

5th Degree Black Belt

Our classes are for everyone and our instructors are here to guide you through the journey of martial arts.  You do not need to be in top physical condition to learn and enjoy the full benefits of martial arts. Regardless of your age, weight, height, or physical ability, Fusion Freestyle Martial Arts has something for everyone.

Martial arts in a family setting with separate groups for all ages, men, women and children. This dynamic program focuses on teaching students martial arts in a way that emphasizes a healthy body and mind.

6pm Mondays in August

Martial arts class for adult advanced belt levels that want to learn to teach and put in extra time perfecting their skill levels. Student must be at least a blue belt. There are always new goals to set and new levels to achieve.

Saturday 11a - 1p

This class is for every adult that want to get fit and learn protection skills. We have adults 18-60 that take our classes. Achieving goals and knowing you have the ability and strength to defend yourself are great confidence boosters. 

Martial arts workouts are fun and challenging. Take on a great total-body workout with this class. Martial arts group cross-training exercise drills, kickboxing, heavy bag work, weightlifting and cardio running

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Teen classes offer an energetic and practical self-defense based striking and grappling skill development program for young men and women between the ages of 13 and 17. We build strength, confidence, and awareness to bully-proof your teen by providing the understanding of discipline, protection, fitness, and empowerment. 

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Kids classes ages 4-6 and 7-12 year old groups will begin to learn bully proof martial arts at an age appropriate pace with plenty of repetition and lots of fun. At the end of each class, your child will learn basic striking and grappling as well as board breaks, play physical games, obstacle courses, balance drills, strength, agility, and also listening skills.

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