While other fitness facilities offer complex and often confusing pricing models such as class credits, varying class prices, sign-up fees, and packages that can only be used for certain classes, we are proud to offer complete transparency and integrity within our pricing. Class tuition is so simple here. All of our prices are posted with no hidden fees! We offer memberships and class packages which can be purchased for greater savings so that you can come as often or as seldomly as you like! Our current class schedule, details, policies, and pricing are all posted on this website for easy and convenient access.

Private Lessons

by appointment only - 55 min SPECIAL $65 for first time

Single Solo lesson, $80
Duet (2 people) Lesson, $120
Small group lesson (3-5 people), $150

Walk-ins subject to availability​

Group Lessons

Registration: Need a single class or ready for a weekly commitment? Look no further.

Enrolling yourself reserves your spot for that reoccurring class.

  • Guarantees your place in class so long as payment is remitted

  • Once a “series” has begun, the remaining classes are pro-rated at current discount rate

  • Tuition is not altered due to missed classes

  • Easily managed from your account - may be changed before your first class

  • Refunds are not given -- If attendance is canceled in advance, credit shall be marked toward your account that does not expire and is applicable towards all programs in the studio. You may also gift your credit if you move or become too ill to attend class.

Class Cards: Commitment isn’t for everyone. Live your life.

Perfect for those unsure of their schedule or with fluctuating work hours.

  • Mix-and-match with any and all group class offerings at the studio

  • Registration is highly recommended, as it will ensure your spot held for class (at payment, select “class card”)

  • With digital management, there's nothing to print or physically “punch” upon arrival at the studio

  • Renew when it's used up - there's no waiting period

  • Available every day on the Portal homepage

  • Expires thirty days from purchase

  • Refunds are not given. If you move, you may gift your class credit to another student one time.

Auto Pay: For those who need regular access. Renews monthly.

Applies convenient automatic billing of Class Cards with a stored credit card.

Price Guarantee: While your account remains active, you shall never experience a price increase for group classes. We agree to charge you only the fees you signed up for. So, if you registered for classes in July 2019, you will keep the July 2019 pricing for as long as you remain active.


Our Studio only accepts payment through an automated payment system. Monies are withdrawn from either a credit card, debit card, or checking account the same numerical day each consecutive month. You shall be billed on the last numerical day of any month that your regular billing cycle is outside of. Example: Your regular monthly billing renews the 30th of every month but in February, your statement will reflect a February 28 billing date, as there is no February 30.


Classes may not be shared with or transferred to others.


There is at least a three-month commitment associated with AutoPay. You may hold or cancel your membership at any time after the minimum with seven-days’ written notice prior to your next expected billing date. You’re also free to upgrade or downgrade your Class Card at any time. For example, if you register initially for 12 classes and you would like to downgrade to 8 per month at the current price point on the date of this change, just provide seven-days’ written notice prior to

your next expected billing date and the minimum monthly commitment will renew. Upgrading will not extend your contract.

Sign in or create an account

-- Its fast and easy! --

Every family must create an online Portal account. You can conveniently manage your account, add students, enroll in classes, receive monthly newsletters, register for events, and even make payments.

Four Classes for $72
Eight for $136
Twelve for $192
Sixteen for $240
AUTO-PAY (3mnths)
Four Classes for $68
Eight for $128
Twelve for $180
Sixteen for $224

First come, first serve.

For clarification, we do allow visitors to take classes. The drop-in rate for visitors to take one class is $20. This is a great way to try a class before joining a series or purchasing a class card. If you decide to sign up after you have already paid the $20 drop-in, we will credit that money toward your initial registration if you join that same day.


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